Martin Mestek - Anna Stareckova

General information

Martin Mestek   (10065298)
Anna Stareckova   (10072016)
Danced for
Czech Republic
Joined on
19 September 2016
Current age group
Current status

72. in Adult - Standard with 1495 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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Registered22 April 2018World OpenStandardAdultUzhgorod - Ukraine
21.12801 April 2018World OpenStandardAdultCambrils - Spain
46.17 February 2018European ChampionshipStandardAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
7.23806 January 2018International OpenStandardAdultVerona - Italy
3.28812 November 2017International OpenStandardAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
5.23029 October 2017International OpenStandardAdultHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
Excused28 October 2017OpenStandardUnder 21Hradec Kralove - Czech Republic
5.26221 October 2017International OpenStandardAdultFidenza - Italy
Excused20 October 2017OpenStandardRising StarsFidenza - Italy
2.24707 October 2017International OpenStandardAdultLviv - Ukraine
Excused30 September 2017International OpenStandardAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
Excused17 September 2017World OpenStandardAdultPrague - Czech Republic
Excused15 September 2017OpenStandardRising StarsPrague - Czech Republic
21.12209 September 2017World OpenStandardAdultBratislava - Slovakia
52.5009 August 2017GrandSlamStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
13.6317 June 2017International OpenStandardAdultLoreto - Italy
1.16 June 2017OpenStandardUnder 21Loreto - Italy
5.23011 June 2017International OpenStandardAdultSzeged - Hungary
Excused20 May 2017International OpenStandardAdultOlomouc - Czech Republic
Excused20 May 2017OpenStandardRising StarsOlomouc - Czech Republic
36.13 May 2017World ChampionshipStandardUnder 21Salaspils - Latvia
11.15307 May 2017International OpenStandardAdultRimini - Italy
No show07 May 2017OpenStandardUnder 21Rimini - Italy
1.06 May 2017OpenStandardRising StarsRimini - Italy
14.7523 April 2017International OpenStandardAdultLjubljana - Slovenia
9.19814 April 2017International OpenStandardAdultBerlin - Germany
25.10817 February 2017World OpenStandardAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
Registered16 February 2017OpenStandardRising StarsCopenhagen - Denmark
28.10312 February 2017World OpenStandardAdultAntwerp - Belgium
1.11 February 2017OpenStandardUnder 21Antwerp - Belgium
Excused26 November 2016OpenStandardYouthTallinn - Estonia
Excused26 November 2016International OpenStandardAdultTallinn - Estonia
10.27319 November 2016OpenStandardYouthVienna - Austria
8.15630 October 2016International OpenStandardAdultHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
3.25230 October 2016OpenStandardYouthHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
Excused02 October 2016International OpenStandardAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
12.12102 October 2016OpenStandardYouthOstrava - Czech Republic