Mikael Tatarkin - Anja Pritekelj

General information

Mikael Tatarkin   (10045095)
Anja Pritekelj   (10057545)
Danced for
Joined on
09 November 2016
Current age group
Current status

89. in Adult - Latin with 1289 points

1187. in Adult - Standard with 63 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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22.10515 October 2017World OpenLatinAdultElblag - Poland
No show14 October 2017World OpenStandardAdultElblag - Poland
19.13 October 2017North European ChampionshipStandardAdultElblag - Poland
21.13 October 2017North European ChampionshipLatinAdultElblag - Poland
1.01 October 2017OpenLatinRising StarsOstrava - Czech Republic
14.14701 October 2017World OpenLatinAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
15.6330 September 2017International OpenStandardAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
66.5010 August 2017GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
4.25530 July 2017International OpenLatinAdultGraz - Austria
28.10822 July 2017World OpenLatinAdultWuppertal - Germany
1.21 July 2017OpenLatinRising StarsWuppertal - Germany
Excused11 June 2017International OpenStandardAdultSzeged - Hungary
2.11 June 2017OpenLatinRising StarsSzeged - Hungary
5.20510 June 2017International OpenLatinAdultSzeged - Hungary
No show10 June 2017OpenStandardRising StarsSzeged - Hungary
Excused23 April 2017International OpenStandardAdultLjubljana - Slovenia
Excused22 April 2017International OpenLatinAdultLjubljana - Slovenia
Excused16 April 2017International OpenLatinAdultBerlin - Germany
Excused14 April 2017International OpenStandardAdultBerlin - Germany
5.25409 April 2017International OpenLatinAdultThessaloniki - Greece
Excused09 April 2017OpenStandardAdultThessaloniki - Greece
Registered09 April 2017OpenStandardRising StarsThessaloniki - Greece
Registered08 April 2017OpenLatinRising StarsThessaloniki - Greece
6.25626 February 2017International OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
1.25 February 2017OpenLatinRising StarsBassano del Grappa - Italy
Excused11 February 2017World OpenLatinAdultAntwerp - Belgium
Excused10 February 2017OpenLatinRising StarsAntwerp - Belgium
17.17228 January 2017World OpenLatinAdultPforzheim - Germany
28.9817 December 2016World OpenLatinAdultPomezia - Italy
2.16 December 2016OpenLatinRising StarsPomezia - Italy
1.16 December 2016OpenLatinUnder 21Pomezia - Italy
30.10819 November 2016World OpenLatinAdultVienna - Austria