Oleg Yasinsky - Sofia Esayan

General information
ManOleg Yasinsky   (10082998)
WomanSofia Esayan   (10082999)
Dancing forRussian Federation
Joined on 29 October 2011
Current age groupYouth
Current statusActive
Ranking 45. in Youth - Standard with 818 points.

About these rankings.

About these rankings

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12.20930 March 2014OpenStandardYouthBucharest - Romania
8.21808 March 2014OpenStandardYouthHelsinki - Finland
14.17115 December 2013OpenStandardYouthRiga - Latvia
31.10616 November 2013OpenStandardYouthVienna-Schwechat - Austria
No show20 October 2013OpenStandardYouthHelsinki - Finland
7.20 October 2013OpenLatinJunior IIHelsinki - Finland
1.19 October 2013OpenStandardJunior IIHelsinki - Finland
1.13 October 2013OpenStandardJunior IIOstrava - Czech Republic
Excused13 October 2013OpenLatinJunior IIOstrava - Czech Republic
4.22013 October 2013OpenStandardYouthOstrava - Czech Republic
3.14 September 2013OpenStandardJunior IIPrague - Czech Republic
25.8814 September 2013OpenStandardYouthPrague - Czech Republic
3.10 March 2013OpenStandardJunior IISt. Petersburg - Russian Federation
7.09 March 2013OpenLatinJunior IISt. Petersburg - Russian Federation
3.20 October 2012OpenStandardJunior IIHelsinki - Finland
2.14 October 2012OpenStandardJunior IISt. Petersburg - Russian Federation
8.13 October 2012OpenLatinJunior IISt. Petersburg - Russian Federation
14.20 May 2012OpenStandardJunior IIMinsk - Belarus
20.19 May 2012OpenLatinJunior IIMinsk - Belarus
41.30 October 2011OpenStandardJunior IMoscow - Russian Federation