Patrick Rucinski - Tatiana Veselkina

General information

Patrick Rucinski   (10043168)
Tatiana Veselkina   (10068756)
Danced for
Joined on
07 March 2015
Current age group
Current status

40. in Adult - Standard with 2066 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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3.35115 April 2018International OpenStandardAdultAltavilla Vicentina - Italy
2.30401 April 2018International OpenStandardAdultMoscow Region - Russia
11.31824 March 2018World OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
Excused14 January 2018International OpenStandardAdultJesi - Italy
1.39008 December 2017International OpenStandardAdultFerrara - Italy
50.18 November 2017World ChampionshipLatinAdultVienna - Austria
2.36112 November 2017International OpenStandardAdultBudrio - Italy
No show04 November 2017World OpenStandardAdultRiga - Latvia
3.34208 October 2017International OpenStandardAdultVigevano - Italy
1.8023 September 2017OpenStandardAdultMontreal - Canada
28.10 September 2017World ChampionshipStandardAdultChengdu - People's Republic of China
6.30418 June 2017International OpenStandardAdultVillafranca di Verona - Italy
3.22517 June 2017International OpenStandardAdultLoreto - Italy
8.43225 March 2017World OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
21.12 November 2016World ChampionshipStandardAdultAarhus - Denmark
14.18409 October 2016World OpenStandardAdultBoston - United States
9.22408 October 2016World OpenLatinAdultBoston - United States
46.24 September 2016World ChampionshipLatinAdultChengdu - People's Republic of China
No show12 August 2016GrandSlamStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
2.32316 April 2016International OpenStandardAdultOlbia - Italy
102.816 April 2016International OpenLatinAdultOlbia - Italy
20.32614 August 2015GrandSlamStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
27.9805 July 2015World OpenLatinAdultWuppertal - Germany
15.19404 July 2015World OpenStandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
18.32821 June 2015GrandSlamStandardAdultHong Kong - Hong Kong
Excused24 May 2015World OpenLatinAdultShenzhen - People's Republic of China
Excused23 May 2015World OpenStandardAdultShenzhen - People's Republic of China
20.28426 April 2015GrandSlamStandardAdultWuhan - People's Republic of China
7.28715 March 2015International OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy