Rono Rashidul Alam - Cornelia Alam

General information
Man Rono Rashidul Alam   (10038435)
Woman Cornelia Alam   (10038436)
Dancing for Austria
Joined on 01 November 2008
Retired on: 01 July 2010
Current age group Senior I
Current status Retired
Division General
47.3925 April 2010OpenStandardSenior ILinz - Austria
34.4125 April 2010OpenLatinSenior ILinz - Austria
22.5127 March 2010OpenLatinSenior IVienna - Austria
58.1021 November 2009OpenStandardSenior IVienna - Austria
18.4220 November 2009OpenLatinSenior IVienna - Austria
38.3819 April 2009OpenLatinSenior ILinz - Austria
63.918 April 2009OpenStandardSenior ILinz - Austria
26.3505 April 2009OpenLatinSenior IVienna - Austria
48.3505 April 2009OpenStandardSenior IVienna - Austria
20.5414 November 2008OpenLatinSenior IVienna - Austria
Rono Rashidul Alam Cornelia Alam
Country of originAustria
I mainly live inVienna
Profession or educationMaster of Science
Marital statusmarried, one daughter
Hobbiescompetition dancing with husband, horseback riding with daughter, playing the piano, travelling