Todor Stojanov - Marija Malenkova

General information
Man Todor Stojanov   (10085825)
Woman Marija Malenkova   (10085824)
Dancing for Macedonia
Joined on 11 September 2013
Current age group Youth
Current status Active
Division General
Ranking 83. in Youth - Latin with 513 points.

About these rankings.

About these rankings

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8.13508 November 2014OpenLatinYouthSkopje - Macedonia
27.28 September 2014OpenStandardJunior IIBelgrade - Serbia
30.27 September 2014OpenLatinJunior IIBelgrade - Serbia
10.13028 June 2014OpenLatinYouthKavala - Greece
Excused07 June 2014OpenLatinYouthTirana - Albania
4.07 June 2014OpenStandardJunior IITirana - Albania
7.07 June 2014OpenLatinJunior IITirana - Albania
14.26 April 2014OpenStandardJunior IIBanja Luka - Bosnia-Herzegovina
17.26 April 2014OpenLatinJunior IIBanja Luka - Bosnia-Herzegovina
29.6812 April 2014OpenLatinYouthThessaloniki - Greece
1.08 March 2014OpenStandardJunior IIPodgorica - Montenegro
5.18008 March 2014OpenLatinYouthPodgorica - Montenegro
1.08 March 2014OpenLatinJunior IIPodgorica - Montenegro
9.14709 November 2013OpenLatinYouthStara Zagora - Bulgaria
8.14309 November 2013OpenStandardYouthStara Zagora - Bulgaria
No show02 November 2013OpenStandardYouthSkopje - Macedonia
No show02 November 2013OpenLatinYouthSkopje - Macedonia
32.29 September 2013OpenStandardJunior IIBelgrade - Serbia
34.28 September 2013OpenLatinJunior IIBelgrade - Serbia