Voicu Paul - Olga Akopova

General information
Man Voicu Paul   (10013035)
Woman Olga Akopova   (10007714)
Dancing for Romania
Joined on 01 December 2008
Retired on: 30 April 2009
Current age group Adult
Current status Retired
Division General
27.2604 April 2009OpenLatinAdultMoscow - Russian Federation
22.5329 March 2009International OpenLatinAdultMoscow - Russian Federation
15.8421 March 2009International OpenLatinAdultSubotica - Serbia
16.8615 March 2009International OpenLatinAdultBucharest - Romania
2.7521 February 2009OpenLatinAdultSarajevo - Bosnia-Herzegovina
Voicu Paul Olga Akopova
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Country of originRussia
I mainly live inMoscow