Yevgen Dmytrenko - Mery Lenz

General information

Man Yevgen Dmytrenko   (10082597)
Woman Mery Lenz   (10082598)
Dancing for Argentina
Joined on
Current age group Adult
Current status Active
Division General
Ranking 976. in Adult - Latin with 96 points.
1141. in Adult - Standard with 57 points.


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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41.2617 January 2016International OpenStandardAdultBudrio - Italy
17.3104 January 2016OpenStandardAdultVerona - Italy
6.9624 May 2015OpenLatinAdultSantiago de Chile - Chile
26.24 May 2015Continental ChampionshipLatinAdultSantiago de Chile - Chile
1.11023 May 2015OpenStandardAdultSantiago de Chile - Chile
1.23 May 2015Continental ChampionshipStandardAdultSantiago de Chile - Chile
2.9530 November 2014OpenLatinAdultSantiago de Chile - Chile
1.9029 November 2014OpenStandardAdultSantiago de Chile - Chile
4.8528 September 2014OpenLatinAdultUshuaia - Argentina
4.28 September 2014South American ChampionshipLatinAdultUshuaia - Argentina
1.9027 September 2014OpenStandardAdultUshuaia - Argentina
1.27 September 2014South American ChampionshipStandardAdultUshuaia - Argentina
6.29 September 2013South American ChampionshipLatinAdultCali - Colombia
1.10029 September 2013OpenStandardAdultCali - Colombia
2.28 September 2013South American ChampionshipStandardAdultCali - Colombia
5.9028 September 2013OpenLatinAdultCali - Colombia