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List of Couples

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DetailsWeimin LouJianmei PengCHNSenior IVActive
DetailsShousheng WangZuanhong LiangCHNSenior IIActive
DetailsJiachuan WangLina ChenCHNSenior IIActive
DetailsChunjie HanLibo YangCHNSenior IIActive
DetailsChenhui ZhangJoan Hao XuCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsYuan GaoHE ZhangCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsHesheng ChenPing ZhangCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsDongsheng XuXiu SunCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsDongqi CaoLily ChenCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsXiaoping HuangHuilin WangCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsGang JiFung Yee Rebecca ChoCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsGuobin LuYuchiao ZhaoCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsYunzhong YuXilan ZhangCHNSenior IIIActive
DetailsXuanyi WangHongyuan RenCHNJuvenile IIActive
DetailsShenghang SunXinmiao TianCHNJuvenile IIActive
DetailsTianhao XiongAnmiaorong LiuCHNJuvenile IActive
DetailsJianqiao WangZihan LICHNJuvenile IActive
DetailsZhijie JiaYangyang LICHNJunior IIActive
DetailsChaoshun ZhouJiayan YaoCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsChen ZhaoZhonghan JinCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsHaoyang ChenJiabao WangCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsKaihang WangRong WangCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsQiubo TongYaxuan LICHNJunior IIActive
DetailsZiyuan ShuXinyue LiangCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsYingwei ZhaoQiyou BianCHNYouthActive