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List of Couples

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DetailsYee Tiong Eejohn ChangSze Yen Grace ChongMASSenior IActive
DetailsYau Loeng LeeTzyy Yi LowMASSenior IActive
DetailsMax Lee Xiun JongPatricia Sheralin PeterMASAdultActive
DetailsChee Seng Edwin TeoCheer Ching Kimberly TanMASAdultActive
DetailsXiu Zhen Randell LimCindy Sin Yee ChungMASAdultActive
DetailsKeat Sze LimAi Xin LeeMASAdultActive
DetailsMing Wei TaySing Rui TohMASAdultActive
DetailsHang Hing WongWen Ting SongMASAdultActive
DetailsYau Chuan NgChai Lee FongMASAdultActive
DetailsHong Woh LamDao-Er LimMASAdultActive
DetailsYee Loon LimHui Pheng LeeMASAdultActive
DetailsChin Feng YapEmily Zi Ern ChengMASAdultActive
DetailsRoger Sing Ket SiewBernice Weng Tong IuMASAdultActive
DetailsYee Chun TanChee Min TanMASAdultActive
DetailsZjen Thak ChuaXin Nee CheMASAdultActive
DetailsRussell Jian Liang LimAlexis Hsiao Tding JapMASAdultActive
DetailsGao Xiang LeeZoe Zi Wei TanMASJunior IActive
DetailsYee Siang TanIu Chloe Weng JieMASJunior IIActive
DetailsZjen Fong ChuaEvon ChongMASAdultActive
DetailsYee Hsien LimYin Qi PangMASAdultActive
DetailsChin Yee YapChi Yew YapMASYouthActive
DetailsAndrej DimoskiTatjana JakovskaMKDYouthActive
DetailsViktor NedelkovskiNina ManasievskaMKDYouthActive
DetailsOgnen AngjushevMarija MalenkovaMKDYouthActive
DetailsDavide CeruttiBojana KalafovaMKDJunior IIActive