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List of Couples

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DetailsJack WeiEvatina TangCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsKris DrozdzenskiSherry ZhengCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsPeter ThiFaye YoungCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsDenis LapierreElise LaveryCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsMark TyoKaren TyoCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsRaymond ChanAlison LauCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsHe Ming ChenHui Hua ChenCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsMadeson BasieSoo-Mi ChoeCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsKevin Yee LoongAngela Yee LoongCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsHeung Sub SoMargo SlotaCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsBill HingleyGlenda HingleyCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsEagle LeungHannah NgCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsSylvain DesaulniersGinette ZnackCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsJohn BurkeDoreen ThompsonCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsStephen KoBarbara KoCANSenior IVActive
DetailsDon AdairMarian AdairCANSenior IVActive
DetailsStephen Sun Wai WooWinnie Tan-Ming WooCANSenior IVActive
DetailsDavid WongMaybo YeeCANSenior IVActive
DetailsEdmund S K LeeTina Y L HonCANSenior IVActive
DetailsKim LamEdith LamCANSenior IVActive
DetailsReginald YoungRhonda YoungCANSenior IVActive
DetailsAllen TorrenuevaLori YipCANSenior IVActive
DetailsMarshall KramerJennifer ChanCANSenior IVActive
DetailsMichel RiouxSylvie LetendreCANSenior IVActive
DetailsHarold LeeFlora LeeCANSenior IVActive