List of Couples

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From January 2014 onwards the new WDSF age regulations will be in effect. Please read the age groups page for details.

DetailsDon AdairMarian AdairCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsMichael RubezinSanna AverbuchCanadaYouthActive
DetailsJuergen SchlaepferBarbara BlackwellCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsRobert GouletGinette BourguignonCanadaSenior IIActive
DetailsEli BlyussSharon BrandtCanadaJunior IActive
DetailsJean ComeauGisele CadoretCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsMarshall KramerJennifer ChanCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsMichael CurrieMichelle Shuk Kwan ChanCanadaSenior IActive
DetailsAnthony ChongGloria ChienCanadaSenior IActive
DetailsWayne ChuJoanna ChowCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsShawn RoitmanBriia ComilangCanadaAdultActive
DetailsRoland CyrCarol CyrCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsPeter DangKaren DangCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsIgor BabicLola DavletovaCanadaSenior IActive
DetailsHeung Sub SoJianxia DuCanadaSenior IIActive
DetailsYves VerretAgathe GeoffrionCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsVladimir MartintsovMaria GladkikhCanadaAdultActive
DetailsEdmund S K LeeTina Y L HonCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsTom HuaPhung HuaCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsMark Jun MaDior HuangCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsJason HuynhLinda HuynhCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsMiko Jun SuiMichou Xiumin JinCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsLavigne LucLatulippe JoseeCanadaSenior IIActive
DetailsLarry YipSy JungCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsStanislav TereshchenkoElina KatsmanCanadaSenior IIActive