List of Couples

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DetailsLeo LeeNina LinChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsWan Jen ChengLiwen ZhangChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsHsiang Yi HsiehMalina HsiehChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsJason LinTina ChiuChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsSean LinChien WangChinese TaipeiYouthActive
DetailsRaymond MaoBianca WangChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsWilliam HsuehJulia ShenChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsJet HuangGin LinChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsKevin ChenAngela ChenChinese TaipeiJuvenile IIActive
DetailsChing-Chung LiaoLi-Chen LaiChinese TaipeiMaster Class IIActive
DetailsChien Ming HuangChien Fang TsaiChinese TaipeiSenior IIIActive
DetailsLeo WangSandy ChangChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsYeh DavidSandy FengChinese TaipeiSenior IActive
DetailsTom MaChing-Wei HsuChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsBrian ChangMiao-Chuan TsengChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsJoe GuanDior HuangChinese TaipeiSenior IIActive
DetailsTai JackKuo VivianChinese TaipeiJunior IIActive