List of Couples

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DetailsTom TsaiKathy ChaoChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsTU-WU ChienPei Wen HungChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsYan Jung ChenTing Yu HsuChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsKenny YangBella LeeChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsSean LinChien WangChinese TaipeiYouthActive
DetailsDaniel LinIvy ChuanChinese TaipeiJunior IIActive
DetailsYung Cheng LinSerena LinChinese TaipeiYouthActive
DetailsEric YaoCindy ChuangChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsYen-Ming PengVicky ZiChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsWan Jen ChengLiwen ZhangChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsAdam LuAngela YangChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsYeh JoeyDoris SunChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsWonder TuGinger KuChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsJay Che-Jui HsuSwee Ssu-Yu LinChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsLi LinYa-Yen ChenChinese TaipeiAdultActive
DetailsSimon ShihAngela HuChinese TaipeiAdultActive