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DetailsYen-Ming PengVicky ZiTPEMaster Class IActive
DetailsWan Jen ChengLiwen ZhangTPEMaster Class IActive
DetailsAdam LuAngela YangTPEMaster Class IActive
DetailsYung Cheng LinSerena LinTPEAdultActive
DetailsYeh DavidSandy FengTPESenior IActive
DetailsJoe GuanDior HuangTPESenior IIActive
DetailsTai JackKuo VivianTPEYouthActive
DetailsThomas ChienVinca HungTPEMaster Class IActive
DetailsLi LinGiulia GiacoppoTPEAdultActive
DetailsJason LinSunmay SungTPEAdultActive
DetailsBrian HsiungMichelle HsiungTPEYouthActive
DetailsHao ZhangIsabella ZhouTPEAdultActive
DetailsLeo WangSandy ChangTPEAdultActive
DetailsEric YaoIsabell YaoTPEAdultActive
DetailsYao Hsien ChiuSzu Tsen WUTPEAdultActive
DetailsChe Yu ChangRuting HsiehTPEAdultActive
DetailsShih Ping ShenYi Jie JhouTPEAdultActive
DetailsDaniel LinAngelina ChenTPEYouthActive