List of Couples

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From January 2014 onwards the new WDSF age regulations will be in effect. Please read the age groups page for details.

DetailsNaoya ShimuraYoko MakainoJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsMitsuharu SekiHitomi OfujiJapanAdultActive
DetailsHiderou SuzukiSumiko SuzukiJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsShusaku KatsurayaSatoko KobayashiJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsMitsuteru ChibaMichiko InageJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsMitsutaka MinamiyamaSatomi SoneJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsKyosuke HiranoMisako HiranoJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsYuji SawahisaAkiko KawasakiJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsYusuke UehataTakako HiranoJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsMakoto AmanoRie AmanoJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsSusumu FujimaNaomi OnozukaJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsMasahiro TamayoseChiharu MatakeJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsKiyoto SanadaAtsuko SanadaJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsTakashi MimakiYuko MimakiJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsTakayuki HirakawaYumi TakanoJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsTetsujiro AkikawaMiyuki AkikawaJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsKatsumi SugiuraSeiko SugiuraJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsTaiyo KusabaMiho KusabaJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsKazuhiko TairaMihoko MatsuiJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsTakeshi MatsumotoAkiko MatsumotoJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsShigeru TakahashiNorie TakahashiJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsYasufumi TsubouchiMiwa TsubouchiJapanMaster Class IIActive
DetailsTsukasa KinjoRie KinjoJapanMaster Class IActive
DetailsPhilipp ValovUliana ValovaKazakhstanAdultActive
DetailsAndrey KashekinKamila TogambayevaKazakhstanAdultActive