List of Couples

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From January 2014 onwards the new WDSF age regulations will be in effect. Please read the age groups page for details.

DetailsClaus ReenbergGitte RaarupDenmarkSenior IIIActive
DetailsKim MunzbergFrancisca MunzbergDenmarkSenior IIIActive
DetailsOve Bent ChristensenNina Juul ChristensenDenmarkSenior IIIActive
DetailsWilly SoestroemGurlil SoestroemDenmarkSenior IVActive
DetailsSten RyanderJytte RyanderDenmarkSenior IVActive
DetailsKarsten LethLise Herrestrup LethDenmarkSenior IVActive
DetailsTorben HemagerInge HemagerDenmarkSenior IVActive
DetailsJens GrubeLilli GrubeDenmarkSenior IVActive