List of Couples

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From January 2014 onwards the new WDSF age regulations will be in effect. Please read the age groups page for details.

DetailsAndre Ptak VistisenMaria Kristine SoebyDenmarkAdultActive
DetailsGeert WillanderKatrine WillanderDenmarkSenior IIActive
DetailsOliver WillestofteAmanda PedersenDenmarkYouthActive
DetailsEarle WilliamsonCharlotte ChristiansenDenmarkAdultActive
DetailsErrol WilliamsonAmi WilliamsonDenmarkAdultActive
DetailsJorgen WintherLisbeth SmidsgaardDenmarkSenior IIIActive
DetailsKlaus WunschLone WunschDenmarkSenior IIIActive
DetailsMartino ZanibellatoMichelle AbildtrupDenmarkAdultActive