List of Couples

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DetailsFrancisco MartiJuana AlemanySpainSenior IVActive
DetailsCarlos Casademont LlobetMaria Roser Matamala SerraSpainSenior IVActive
DetailsPedro CorcheroM Isabel MorosSpainSenior IIActive
DetailsJosep Maria Artigas MirDolors Tejero FarrasSpainSenior IIActive
DetailsDiego Castillo CambraAna Romance BellocSpainSenior IActive
DetailsOscar CasesSandra TorremadeSpainAdultActive
DetailsJose Miguel Lopez CarmonaAna Maria Cambra LopezSpainSenior IIActive
DetailsJordi Domingo BoyMontse Cubero RieraSpainSenior IIActive
DetailsGuillem PascualRosa CarneSpainAdultActive
DetailsSantiago SanyeMaria Carmen MengualSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsAndreu Valin FarresRosa Alier VallesSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsMiguel Barcelo GariMaria Carmen Segui VerduSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsJose Manuel GonzalezLoly RodriguezSpainSenior IIActive
DetailsJonathan Juez PadillaJennifer Juez PadillaSpainAdultActive
DetailsJose Lopez RomeroMaria Arcos LopezSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsAntonio SesmeroMaria del Carmen GarciaSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsJose Alberto Soro ParicioMaria Gracia soroSpainAdultActive
DetailsMedir Sole EscarreM Carme Vinagre AlonsoSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsJuan Pedro Maria MartinRosa Grane Tor-Del-SparSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsFrancisco Castillo PonsRosa Maria Gabarro ValldauraSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsJoan Garcia CanoRossi Lagares NavasSpainSenior IIIActive
DetailsIsidre ColetRosa Maria VernetSpainSenior IVActive
DetailsManuel DiazMayka MartinezSpainSenior IActive
DetailsJose Maria Esteve BoludaInmaculada Llacer VilchesSpainSenior IIActive
DetailsJulio GarciaAna GarciaSpainAdultActive