Management Board

The Management Board is the division's managing body. It is elected by the PD General Meeting to a term of 4 years and tends to the division's business between PD General Meetings. PD Management Board elects PD Director and other necessary PD Officers out of PD members. PD Director has its seat in the WDSF Presidium, manages the day to day business of the Professional Division and reports to PD AGM and to WDSF AGM.

The PD Annual General Meeting held in Shanghai in 14 June 2013 elected the new Management Board for the next 4 year term. According to the WDSF Statutes the PD Management Board elected PD Director and other PD Officers within the Board at its meeting on 12 August in Stuttgart as follows:

WDSF PD Presidium @ Heidi Goetz

In June 2015 Mr. Shigemitsu Tanabe from Japan (in the picture represented by Mrs. Miho Shinoda) stepped down for personal reasons and since then PD Management Board has only 6 members.

At the PD Management Board meeting held in Vienna on November 23, 2015, Mr. Hubert de Maesschalck from Belgium offered his resignation as PD Sport Director. PD Management Board accepted unanimously the resignation of Hubert de Maesschalck from the position of the PD Sport Director with immediate effect. PD Management Board also agreed that HDM will remain ordinary member of the PD MB and that until the next elections in 2017 the Board will be collectively deciding about all PD sport related issues as it used to do during the first two months after the election of the whole Board at the Shanghai PD AGM before its constitutional meeting held in Stuttgart on August 12, 2013. PD Management Board has currently the following 6 members:


WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Vienna 23 November 2015
WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Granada 12 June 2015
WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Barcelona 15 January 2015

WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Stuttgart 12 August 2014
WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Bucharest 12 June 2014
WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Barcelona 16 January 2014

WDSF PD MB Meeting Minutes Stuttgart 12 August 2013