WDSF PD Rules & Regulations


When WDSF AGM 2010 in Vienna established its Professional Division, the same AGM also adopted PD Administrative Rules which are still in force. At the 2013 AGMs of WDSF and its Professional Division the following decisions regarding the procedure for restructuring the existing PD Rules and Regulations, including PD Administrative Rules, have been adopted:

  • After the 2014 WDSF and PD AGMs the general WDSF Rules will apply and PD will have the right to adopt additional or Supplementary Rules and Regulations if necessary for the specific needs of PD and not in conflict with the general WDSF Rules and Regulations. 
  • WDSF Presidium has been given the mandate to establish a working group (comprised of an equal number of representatives from the PD and WDSF Presidium) with the task of establishing Supplementary PD Rules (to replace the relevant existing PD rules) in time for the 2014 WDSF General Meeting and 2014 PD General Meeting.

Code of conduct