Ranking of Adult Latin

The following results are from the IDSF PD European Cup taken place in Kharkov - Ukraine on 20 March 2011

About these results.

About these results

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all results published in the Result Calendar of this website. However, WDSF cannot warrant that the result information it is provided with by the organisers and their scrutiny software is either accurate or complete.

These results are posted here with the caveat that they may need to be revised and/or completed. The WDSF Sports Department will remove the ABOUT THESE RESULTS link once they have been verified.



RankCoupleCountryStart #
1.Mikhail Kolomiets - Alexandra PakhmutovaRussian Federation436
2.Artur Akautdinov - Elena PashkovaRussian Federation502
3.Stefan Green - Adriana SigonaNew Zealand521
4.Dmitrii Taruta - Elena ParshukovaMoldova503
5.Oleksandr Kazatynskyi - Olena SosedkoUkraine506
6.Dmitry Zavialov - Anna VorozhsovaRussian Federation515

2. Round

RankCoupleCountryStart #
7.Roman Melnik - Ganna MelnykUkraine520
8.Andrii Babii - Iryna DenginaUkraine477
9.Pavel Hrabionkin - Irina KazantsevaBelarus442
10.Artem Chernysh - Kateryna OkorokovaUkraine501

1. Round

RankCoupleCountryStart #
11.Dmytro Kapustynskyy - Yevgeniya SikorskaUkraine439
12.Denis Koloda - Svetlana KonstantinovaUkraine500
13.Aleksandr Stepanov - Inga KulybaBelarus514