Ranking of Rising Stars Standard

The following results are from the IDSF Open taken place in Bassano - Italy on 13 February 2011

About these results.

About these results

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all results published in the Result Calendar of this website. However, WDSF cannot warrant that the result information it is provided with by the organisers and their scrutiny software is either accurate or complete.

These results are posted here with the caveat that they may need to be revised and/or completed. The WDSF Sports Department will remove the ABOUT THESE RESULTS link once they have been verified.



RankCoupleCountryStart #
1.Luigi Trovarelli - Serena TrovarelliItaly241
2.Luca Belometti - Denise ColomboItaly253
3.Nikita Tabachkov - Ekaterina RiaboginaRussian Federation255
4.Eros Sciamanna - Anna Angelika JaglinskaPoland238
5.Valery Pavlov - Ekaterina KarashchukRussian Federation256
6.Paolo Iacone - Sara VolpiItaly247

2. Round

RankCoupleCountryStart #
7.Javier Alcaniz - Giulia ZanlorenziSpain240
8.Egidio Cirigliano - Arianna GobbiItaly237
9. - 10.Manuel Guidotti - Lucia MarinucciItaly243
9. - 10.Xavi Fonolla Sopena - Anna SivakovaSpain251
11.Manuel Fogliani - Sara MorelliItaly242
12.Gianluca Mancuso - Francesca Di CurzioItaly239
13.Tine Kranjc - Sasa UlSlovenia258

1. Round

RankCoupleCountryStart #
14.Marco Rizzotto - Chiara ManciniItaly257
15.Michael Bruni - Chiara CassaiItaly245
16. - 17.Antony Rinaldi - Roberta TarquinioItaly232
16. - 17.Massimiliano Rocchi - Daiana BelluominiItaly244
18.David Merenguer - Sigrid Merenguer TorresSpain236
19. - 20.Yuri Cuzzilla - Alessia MarugiItaly252
19. - 20.Bostjan Lemez - Ana GerecnikSlovenia254
21.Robert Rothmiller - Yvonne RothmillerGermany248
22.Carmelo Calabro' - Grazia InterdonatoItaly233