Ranking of Junior II Standard

The following results are from the IDSF Open taken place in Montreal - Canada on 12 February 2011

About these results.

About these results

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all results published in the Result Calendar of this website. However, WDSF cannot warrant that the result information it is provided with by the organisers and their scrutiny software is either accurate or complete.

These results are posted here with the caveat that they may need to be revised and/or completed. The WDSF Sports Department will remove the ABOUT THESE RESULTS link once they have been verified.



RankCoupleCountryStart #
1.Roman Redzyuk - Anastasia SobolevaNot applicable420
2.Patryk Ploszaj - Anna KaczmarskiUnited States417
3.Artemy Kokhanov - Abigail XinkasCanada323
4.Tony Cooperman - Sabrina FlisfederCanada249
5.Maxim Barron - Esthie SpivakovCanada215
6.Kamil Falkowski - Katarina Hermanova277

1. Round

RankCoupleCountryStart #
7.Richard Lifshitz - Morgana Lakatos-HaywardCanada358
8.Mark Frumkin - Nikolay Palagichev282
9.James Chen - Jessica ChenCanada242
10.Adam Falkowski - Uma Chalik276
11.David Khaselev - Melanie Fleyshmakher318