Ranking of Adult Standard

The following results are from the IDSF World Cup taken place in Germany - Germany on 15 March 1997


detailsStanislovas Karciauskas And Elena-Laimute Martinai - Lithuania Lithuania
detailsSigurd Nenseth - Turid NensethNorway
detailsLewis Irvine And Patricia Payne - Scotland Scotland
detailsAlain And Mireille Froehlich - France France
detailsJaya And Cookie Chengleroyan - South Africa
detailsDermont And Sandra Bracken - Ireland Ireland
detailsBougie And Rene Naidoo - South Africa
detailsEmilio Villodres - Montserrat EstallSpain
detailsJohn And June Coode - Wales Wales
detailsLars And Ewa Falkenborg - Sweden Sweden
detailsDr. Peter Collins And Amy Cousins - Usa Usa
detailsBetislav Dufek And Magdalena Dufkova - Czech Czech
detailsKulno Kabral And Irine Keskul - Estonia Estonia
detailsWilly And Gurlil Soestroem - Denmark Denmark
detailsJan Wejnemann And Elisabeth Wesley-Wejnema - Sweden Sweden
detailsWolfgang And Christa Goetz - Usa Usa
detailsAlan And Norma Millar - Scotland Scotland
detailsXavier Mora And Isabel Baldrich - Spain Spain
detailsVladimir Bouzynin And Irina Bouzynina - Russia Russia
detailsBjarne Lefholm And Kirsten Gordon - Denmark Denmark
detailsAlois And Rosmarie Lang - Switzerland Switzerland
detailsJuha And Leena Kanto - Finland Finland
detailsFredy And Irmtraut Suhner - Switzerland Switzerland
detailsMarcel And Linda Herbots-Tecchiato - Belgium Belgium
detailsAkira And Yuko Terao - Japan Japan
detailsBram Stelling - Ans StellingNetherlands
detailsOleg Kamenskiy And Irina Bobrik - Russia Russia
detailsLuigi De Luca And Lucia Taricani - Italy Italy
detailsGuenther And Charlotte Nowak - Austria Austria
detailsJouko Leppala - Helja LeppalaFinland
detailsAnton Max And Edeltraut Graf - Austria Austria
detailsVincent And Brigitte Farinho - France France
detailsAnthony And Kim Sharratt - England England
detailsGiorgio Mornioli And Viviana Beia - Italy Italy
detailsPeter And Linda Mitchinson - England England
detailsTakeki Matsumura - Eiko MatsumuraJapan
detailsRostislav Filgas And Jana Filgasova - Czech Czech
detailsVirgilio Garcia And Edith Vandewouwer - Belgium Belgium
detailsEd And Trudy Van Uden - Netherlands Netherlands
detailsBernd And Monika Kiefer - Germany Germany
detailsDr. Hans-Juergen Burger And Ulrike Burger - Germany Germany