WDSF PD Members

There is no application form to apply for PD membership. The new applicants can be only WDSF Member Bodies incorporating the professional division or department or commission. The application letter has to be sent to the . In the letter the applicant has to include the statement to abide by the PD Rules and Regulations and by the decisions of its AGM and Management Board and add the names of person(s) responsible for professional dance sport within the applying WDSF National Member Body and contact details if different from the official address of the applicant.

The actual PD members are listed below – please note that WDSF Full members from Azerbaijan, Canada, Malta, Singapore and Indonesia currently decided for Provisional membership status in Professional Division:

DSEDanceSport EnglandEnglandFull No
National DanceSport Federation of GreeceGreeceFull No
DTVDeutscher Tanzsportverband e.V.,GermanyFull No
OETSVAustrian DanceSport FederationAustriaFull No
IDCDanceSport Federation of IrelandIrelandFull No
TDSFTurkish DanceSport FederationTurkeyFull No
MYDFMalaysia DanceSport FederationMalaysiaFull No
San Marino DanceSport FederationSan MarinoFull No
Hong Kong Professional DanceSport AssociationHong KongFull No
Korea Professional DanceSport CouncilSouth KoreaFull No
Associacao Portuguesa Profissionais de Danca DesportivaPortugalFull No
Professional DanceSport Association (Singapore)SingaporeFull No
AUDSF Professional DivisionUkraineFull No
Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation BulgariaProvisional No
Hrvatski sportski plesni savezCroatiaFull No
IODIIndonesian Dancesport AssociationIndonesiaFullYes
HDSAHungarian Dancesport AssociationHungaryFullYes
Macau DanceSport FederationMacauFullYes
DSFLDanceSport Federation Luxembourg LuxembourgFullYes
LDSFLithuanian Dance Sport FederationLithuaniaFullYes
LSDFLatvian Dance Sport FederationLatviaFullYes
JDSFJapan DanceSport FederationJapanFullYes
FIDSFederazione Italiana Danza SportivaItalyFullYes
The Israel Dance Sport AssociationIsraelFullYes
FFD Fédération Française de DanseFranceFullYes


Download all member contacts as: CSV for Excel or Standard CSV (Calc, etc.)