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  • Harri Syväsalmi Joins Task Force

    An announcement regarding the composition of the Competition Manipulation Task Force: Harri Syväsalmi, FIN, an expert in sports and ethics, joins it! 

    03/06/2016 read more ...
  • Combat Competition Manipulation

    WDSF President Lukas Hinder announces his plan for a Presidential Task Force to be installed in order to combat competition manipulation in all its forms.

    15/04/2016 read more ...
  • World Championships Senior I Open

    The World Championships Latin and Standard for the Senior I age group will be open in 2016. WDSF invites prospective organisers to submit their bids.

    05/02/2016 read more ...
  • World Open Regulations

    The WDSF Presidium follows the advice of the Sports Commission and approves changes to the Regulations governing World Open competitions.

    04/02/2016 read more ...
  • New Application Forms

    The Managing Board of the WDSF Professional Division issues amended Application Forms for all WDSF PD title and open competitions.

    23/07/2015 read more ...
  • Stuttgart Courses and Congresses

    Congresses and courses for WDSF Adjudicators and Chairpersons coincide once more with the German Open Championships in Stuttgart. Register now!

    02/07/2015 read more ...

Congress Programmes 07/08/2013

Saturday | 10 August | Formation and Wheelchair DanceSport

12.00pm - Choreographic Components of Wheel Chair DanceSport and Judging Criteria - Corrie Van Hugten
01.30pm - Development and Choreographic Components of Standard Formation DanceSport - Aleksey Litvinov
02.45pm - Break
03.00pm - Development and Choreographic Components of Latin Formation DanceSport - Roberto Albanese
04.00pm - Assessment Factors and Identification - Roberto Albanese
05.00pm - Break
05.15pm - The WDSF New Judging System 2.0 and its usage- Markus Sonyi
06.15pm - End of Congress

Sunday | 11 August 2013 | Show Dance

12.00pm - Rules and Requirement of Show Dance Competition - Marco Sietas
01.00pm - Choreographic Components of Show Dance - Ton Greten
02.30pm - Break
02.50pm - Judging Criteria of Show Dance - Ton Greten
04.30pm - The WDSF Judging System 2.0 for Show Dance - Marco Sietas
05.45pm - End of Congress

Monday | 12 August 2013 | Standard and Latin

12.00pm - The WDSF Judging System 2.0 for Std and Latin Competition
01.15pm - WDSF New Techniques Book, features and usage - Natasa Ambroz/Sandro Cavalini
02.45pm - Break
03.00pm - Musicality and Identity - Luca Baricchi
04.00pm - Creativity in Latin Choreography - Peter Stokkebroe
05.00pm - Break
05.15pm - Creativity in Standard Choreography - Davide Cacciari
06.15pm - WDSF GK English Test ( for New Applicants only)
07.00pm - End of Congress

Sunday | 18 August 2013 | Standard and Latin Chairman's Congress

09.30am to 05.00pm - New Applicants
12.30pm to 05.00pm - Licensed Chairman