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  • Still More To Come

    Coverage on the 2018 PD World Latin is about to reach record levels. As for the PD events in Chelyabinsk, RUS, WDSF had dispatched Helmut Roland to produce real-time coverage. Multi-camera VOD coverage is still to come.

    07/05/2018 read more ...
  • New PD World Champions Latin

    Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, MDA, continue from where they left off in the first part of their career by winning the Professional Division World Latin title. Runners-up in China were Marts Smolko and Tina Bazykina, LAT.

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  • WDSF PD World Latin

    The second Professional Division World Championship ever held in China brings 35 couples to the floor for the first round. Almost half are from the host country. For Shijiazhuang City it is a first to stage an event of such magnitude. 

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  • 2018 PD World Latin in Shijiazhuang City, CHN

    Who will become the next PD World Champions Latin? Pavel Pasechnik - Marta Arndt from Germany retired at the end of 2017. The throne is empty and the DanceSport enthusiasts are waiting for ...

    27/04/2018 read more ...
  • 2018 PD World ShowDance Latin

    2018 PD World Showdance Latin Champions are Alexandr Shmonin and Maria Shmonina, RUS, Daniele Sargenti - Uliana Fomenka, ITA, are first and Denis Kikhtenko - Galina Akopina, RUS, second runners-up in Chelyabinsk, RUS.

    08/04/2018 read more ...
  • Live From Chelyabinsk ... Again!

    With an opening ceremony that we expect to be every bit as spectacular as the one yesterday, the LIVE webcast from the 2018 WDSF World Showdance Latin starts at 14:30 UTC/GMT. An International Open Latin is shown too!

    08/04/2018 read more ...

2017 PD 10th Anniversary 23/10/2017

PD 10th Anniversary Prague

2017 PD World Championship Standard in Prague set the stage for the 10th Anniversary Ceremony of the WDSF Professional Division. All former PD World Champions Standard had been invited to join the ceremony. Most of them had come to Prague and were honoured by PD Director Verena Sulek and Honorary Life President Peter Maxwell.

See the video of the ceremony in Prague ...

QR2CZoCBjoQ|2017 PD 10th Anniversary Ceremony Prague | DanceSport Total

Part 2 of 2017 PD 10th Anniversary Ceremony of WDSF Professional Division took place in Leipzig. International DanceSport Festival Leipzig set the stage for 2017 PD World Championship Latin. All former PD World Champions of PD Latin had been invited to the event. PD Director Verena Sulek and Davide Cacciari, Member of the PD Management Board honoured the former World Champions Latin. 
A special note from Peter Maxwell, who could not come to Leipzig, had been read by Tina Spiesbach, member of the organizer team Thalheim/Spiebach. 

PD 10th Anniversary Leipzig

See the video of the ceremony in Leipzig ...

bwyS_EinLn8|2017 PD 10th Anniversary Ceremony Leipzig | DanceSport Total

If you would like to watch the wonderful video done by Pedro Toro documenting the development of the last 10 years and presenting the former PD World Champions, call the article "Ten Years After", published on 17th September on this website. You will find it in "Archives" of the News.