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  • PD Meets GS

    As during the German and Russian Opens, important PD competitions will take place concurrently with those of a GrandSlam leg at the upcoming Finnish Open DanceSport Championships between 2 and 4 March in Helsinki .

    11/02/2018 read more ...
  • The Cuban Experience

    "Back To The Roots" is the documentary produced by the Slovenian trainer and adjudicator Barbara Ambroz. In the film she looks at how Cuban influences marked the Latin American dances as they are performed today.

    02/01/2018 read more ...
  • Athlete of The Year

    The International World Games Association launches its poll for the Athlete of the Year award. Jacek Tarczilo and Anna Miadzielec represent DanceSport on the ballots. The World Games 2017 Champions have won it all.

    01/01/2018 read more ...
  • 2017 PD World ShowDance STD

    Vadim Garbuzov and Kathrin Menzinger, AUT, win the title ahead of Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson, DEN, who achieve runners-up position. Third place went to Valentin Lusin - Renata Lusin, GER.

    08/12/2017 read more ...
  • Ferruggia - Koehler win the PD Super GP Standard

    Benedetto Ferruggia - Claudia Koehler, GER, win the PD Super GP Standard Final in Moscow ahead of Donatas Vezelis - Lina Chatkeviciute, LTU, who were runners-up. The third place went to Andrzej Sadecki - Karina Nawrot, POL.

    03/12/2017 read more ...
  • Pasechnik - Arndt, GER, win 2017 PD Super GP Final 

    Seven couples had qualified for the first Super GrandPrix Latin Final in the history of the Professional Divsion. Pavel Pasechnik - Marta Arndt, GER, won the presitiguous competition ahead of Marts Smolko - Tina Bazykina, LAT.

    02/12/2017 read more ...

Live from The GOC 10/08/2017


Third day at the GOC. It is time for the WDSF PD Super Grand Prix Latin. 49 couples from 18 nations started late afternoon August 10th to find the champion in latin section. 

After 4 rounds the six finalists had qualified for the final. And the results are ...

1st place:     Marts Smolko - Tina Bazykina / Latvia
2nd place:    Vitaly Panteleev - Angelina Nechkhaeva / Russian Federation
3rd place:    Dmitry Pugachev - Anastasia Selivanova / Russian Federation
4th place:    Wang Jun - Jia Yiwen / People`s Repubic of China
5th place:    Hou Yao - Zhuang Ting / People`s Repubic of China
6th place:    Daniele Sargenti - Uliana Fomenko / Italy

aoCVmV9cHn4|2017 ITV Smolko - Bazykina, Latvia | DanceSport Total

Semi-Final of the 2017 WDSF Super GrandPrix Latin in Stuttgart / GER

3oJlwvHD4CA|2017 PD SUPER GP LAT | The SEMI-FINAL REEL | DanceSport Total

Final of the 2017 WDSF Super GrandPrix Latin in Stuttgart / GER

Xrl-5utbxwU|2017 PD SUPER GP LAT | The FINAL REEL | DanceSport Total