US$ 0.00 02/12/2015

Vienna, AUT - 22 November © RolandFinally you are able to watch the full-length final of the 2015 Professional Division World DanceSport Championship Showdance Standard that was danced on 22 November in Vienna, AUT.


What makes this 64-minute programme so unique: it is provided free of charge as a courtesy and as a thank you to our followers and clients on Vimeo.

Even though we had to fix a rental rate of US$ 1.00 by default, you can watch it for free. Just follow the instructions on the programme's page. Feature and trailer have been swapped, watch the full-length programme by clicking on the "Watch Trailer" thumbnail. Get to the page here!

2015 PD World Showdance STD from DanceSport Total Plus

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  • For Free!

    It took us a while to get the programme ready and uploaded to Vimeo on Demand. Then we had to come up with a solution for you to watch it for free!

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