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  • Senior II Ten DAnce World Title to Spain

    Tirana (ALB) hosted the World Championship, Vila do Conde (POR) and Osaka (JPN) hosted WDSF PD Open events, and there were also three other locations offering the beauty of DanceSport to the locals, and a competition setting for the couples.

    17/06/2019 read more ...
  • 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Ten Dance

    This weekend DanceSport brings light to six locations in Europe and in Asia. The cherry on the cake will be the World Championship Senior II Ten Dance in Tirana (ALB).

    14/06/2019 read more ...
  • Live from Nanjing

    The Olympic Channel will stream the action starting from the Round Robin stage. All the battles will be saved on the WDSF DanceSport YouTube Channel.

    13/06/2019 read more ...
  • First Vice-President appointed

    The WDSF Presidium appointed WDSF Vice-President for Finance, Mr. Tony Tilenni (AUS) to fill the vacant position of the office of the First Vice-President. Mr Guillaume Felli was appointed for the position of the WDSF General Secretary.

    11/06/2019 read more ...
  • Member bodies of the WDSF have met in Budapest

    WDSF President, WDSF Vice President for Sports, WDSF Disciplinary Council, and WDSF Ethics Committee were elected during the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

    10/06/2019 read more ...
  • New Champions

    The 2019 WDSF European Championship Ten Dance and the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Latin took place in Kosice (SVK). The 2019 WDSF PD World Championship Master Class I Standard and Latin completed the Championship Event.

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Championship Events in Kosice (SVK) 10/06/2019

David Schavel - Iryna Kopp (SVK) (c) Roland

Daniil Ulanov – Kateryna Isakovych (CYP) were crowned as the new WDSF European Champions in Ten Dance in Kosice (SVK) on Saturday. Fourth place in the Europeans 2018 changed to a position on the top of the podium as the couple secured their win with their strong Standard dancing over the Russian couple, Semen Khrzhanovskiy – Elizaveta Lykhina, who were the strongest in scores in Latin. Earle Williamson – Veronika Myshko (UKR) ranked third and won the bronze medals. Ulanov - Isakovych have previously ranked second in the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 World Championship Ten Dance and now received their first title, the European Championship.

New Champions were also crowned in the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Latin. Frantisek Beres – Miriam Beresova (SVK) made the home crowd cheer as they were announced as World Champions. It is their first title, and what could have been a better place to win it than an event in home country! Carlos Cirera – Eva Nieto (ESP) ranked second and Sergey Makarenko – Anna Makarenko (RUS) ranked third.

The 2019 WDSF PD World Championship Master Class I Standard had also winners from the host country. The 2017 World Champions, David Schavel – Iryna Copp (SVK) (in photo) dominated the competition by winning all five dances in the final, and won the World Championship title. Francesco Laterrenia – Laura Caramia (ITA) ranked second in their first WDSF PD event, and Michal Mladek – Sarka Hesova (CZE) repeated their result from last year by winning the bronze medals.

The 2019 WDSF PD World Championship Master Class I Latin had also host country winners as Jiri Hein – Lucia Krncanova (SVK) took home the World Championship title. The couple won all five dances in the final. Antony Boris Coppola – Maria Grazia Patti (ITA) won the silver medals, and another Italian couple, Paolo Croce – Arianna Rossi won the bronze.

Many congratulations to the Champions, runners-up and the finalists of the Championships!