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European Ten Dance Championship starts the new round of title events 14/09/2020

Daniil Ulanov - Kateryna Isakovych (CYP) (c) Roland

European Ten Dance Championship in Aarhus, Denmark, will start the title competition tournee after a long break.

Serious preparations have taken place to build up the event, to make it safe for all the athletes and officials, as well as to the audience. The event is an important landmark for showing the way to the new era for everyone involved in DanceSport.

" I think the competition is very important, because it will for sure bring hope to everyone: it means that we did´t stop fighting and we did´t stop living our DanceSport lives. Everyone is very excited to be reunited soon and the motivation is great", says VP for Sport, Nenad Jeftic in Belgrade.

Mr Jeftic will act as a competition chairperson in Aarhus. Competition preparations have included serious planning by following the operating policy written for competition organizers, who are in this case Ashli Williamson and Bjørn Bitsch.

"Ashli and Bjørn have taken on the task of arranging the European Championships in 10-dance on the 19th of September in Aarhus, in close collaboration with the Danish DanceSport Federation. This is a big job that Bjørn and Ashli have taken on, and as seen in Covid-19 time, it has created a lot of extra work. They have had to move the event twice, but everything has been done with a smile and this sentence: We can do it!", says the Danish federation president Karen Pedersen.

The competition will be run by following numerous safety measures. This means also, that the chairperson is obliged to follow the work of the staff as well as the athletes even closer than ever before. 

"Certainly my role as a chairperson will be different. The Chairperson has an important task in implementing security and protection measures, which are decisions of the WDSF Presidium. The Chairperson now has a more demanding task than ever, because the organizers, the scrutineers, the adjudicators, and the athletes themselves have fallen a bit out of our routine and track, and now this return to the stage needs to be carefully monitored", says Nenad Jeftic.

"However, we can´t wait to get back to a normal dance life and continue to take care of our wonderful sport, which has suffered a lot in the past few months because of the crisis. Everyone can't wait to get on the floor and dance", he continues.

Ashli & Bjørn are looking forward to welcoming the couples to Aarhus on 19th September 2020.
"We are looking so much forward to running this European Championships in Ten Dance", Ashli Williamson sighs.

"With our experience as active dancers and with the Danish DanceSport Federation, Aarhus Events and Sport Event Denmark as strong event partners, we will work together, creating a fantastic championship! We are sure of that", says Bjørn Bitsch with a very determined smile.

The WDSF Presidium has given an operating policy for organizers to act as a manual for building up a secure and safe event. Nenad Jeftic emphasizes also each individual´s responsibility, not just during the competition – by washing hands, avoiding unnecessary close contacts etc  – but also in development and aiming to the future:

" I would just like to point out once again the importance of individual responsibility and to tell everyone not to give up, to keep fighting for their dreams, to keep working on themselves and their dance as well. I think that once this crisis passes, and I want to believe that it will pass soon, we should look at it as an important life lesson from which we will emerge as a better human being.

Although we are living in an unprecedented world and sports crisis, I hope that the athletes actually used this competitive break as their advantage. I believe that the couples perfected and discovered new moments of performance", Mr Jeftic concludes.


The WDSF Communications will follow the European Ten Dance Championship on Saturday in Aarhus and keep you all updated about the event – follow the WDSF Social media channels!