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  • Just Dance contest! Something you have never experienced before!

    Join the #justdance initiative and win great prizes! All this fun comes from our project collaborators, the Stanford University and Kostumer. Jump in and just dance!

    22/05/2020 read more ...
  • Lagardère Sports named media rights partner

    The agency will sub-license and manage the distributon of WDSF media rights to third parties in the Asia-Pacific region.

    21/05/2020 read more ...
  • Mind of a champion

    Gabriele and Anna speak about the basic principals in Samba Whisk.

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  • Catching up with Kristina and Marius-Andrei

    Top Latin couple find solace and satisfaction by inspiring others during pandemic.

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  • GOC faces the pandemic - the event of 2020 is cancelled

    German Open Championships is undoubtedly one of the biggest DanceSport events in the world - but the pandemic has its effect on it, too.

    16/05/2020 read more ...
  • Life under lockdown with Ashli Williamson

    WDSF Atheletes' Commission Chair gives tips on how to stay motivated under quarantine.

    11/05/2020 read more ...

Just Dance! Join the contest and win great prizes! 22/05/2020

Are you looking for ways to stay engaged with your dancing at home? You are invited to participate in our JUST DANCE contest! 

In conjunction with researchers from Stanford University, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) aims to promote active dancing among the DanceSport athletes in the world during this extraordinary time. We would like to invite WDSF DanceSport athletes to send us a short 45 seconds-1 minute video of your dancing - of any dance style - and help to advance research in DanceSport by participating in a research study. 

You will first be asked to fill in a short survey on your experiences as a DanceSport athlete. In the first survey, you will be provided with specific instructions on the 1 minute video. Then, you will be personally emailed a second form to submit a link to the video of your dancing that you have filmed, and answer a few more questions on your experiences as a DanceSport athlete. 

This contest is open to all WDSF athletes of all WDSF DanceSport disciplines.

Two grand prize winners and two runners-up winners will be selected by a panel of international judges. 

Grand Prize
Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education will sponsor a cash prize of 200 Euros for the grand prize winners or 2 free online private lessons with WDSF World Champions. Kostumer will sponsor competition dance costumes for the grand prize winners of any WDSF DanceSport discipline.

Runners-up prizes
Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education will sponsor a cash prize of 100 Euros or 1 free online private lesson with WDSF World Champions. Kostumer will sponsor custom-made practice wear for the winners of any WDSF DanceSport discipline.

To participate, CLICK HERE. (Link opens to a new window.)

Last day to participate: June 8, 2020.
Results are announced on: June 20, 2020, or earlier.
To ensure fairness of the competition, please keep your dance videos and survey experiences private until results are announced.

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