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  • The last titles of the year

    Riga (LAT) and Moscow (RUS) host the last three World title events of the year. The best Junior II Standard and ShowDance Standard and Latin couples gather in these two locations to dance for the titles.

    13/12/2019 read more ...
  • Historical day for DSA

    The first Executive Committee meeting of the DanceSport Asia Limited took place in Shanghai (CHN) on December 6th 2019, marking a historical event for the DanceSport fraternity in Asia.

    11/12/2019 read more ...
  • IOC adds breaking to Dakar YOG

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board approved the sport and event programme for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Dakar 2022 yesterday.

    04/12/2019 read more ...
  • Call for Oceanic candidates

    The WDSF Athletes Commission is looking for candidates to be elected as the representative for the Oceanic region.

    02/12/2019 read more ...
  • Historical Saturday

    Not that long ago during a Winners' Interview Vladislav Untu and Polina Baryshnikova (MDA) said it out loud that as it is their last year in Youth they have set the goal to win all six titles of the year, just to show it is possible to do it. And they did it!

    25/11/2019 read more ...
  • A Week of the Future

    The future of DanceSport will occupy the dance floors this week as the World Championships for Junior II Latin and Youth Standard will be under spotlight on Saturday. But, that is not all. At the same time, Boogie Woogie and Rock'n'Roll Free Style World titles will be awarded in Moscow (RUS).

    22/11/2019 read more ...

Reaching the Goals 25/11/2019

2019 WDSF European Championship Youth Standard QF | © Roland

Vladislav Untu – Polina Baryshnikova (MDA) have dominated the Youth age group this year, and they concluded the year of title events with another World Championship title in Timisoara (ROU) on Saturday. The new World Champions in Youth Standard have also won the World titles in Latin and Ten Dance, and the European titles in all three disciplines, making it a perfect row of six titles in 2019 for the couple.

This time, the title did not come that easily, as the runners-up Zicoane Heler Sebastian Alin - Copos Anca (ROU) kept on getting marks for the first place in all dances. Even though it was extremely tight in all dances, in the end the Moldovans won four dances of the final and the Romanians won the Tango. The adjudicator panel was unanimous about the third place, which was awarded to Ivan Reshetnikov - Elizaveta Kharinova (RUS).

The Russian couples were taking over the podium in Istanbul (TUR) on Saturday, as the 2019 World Championship Junior II Latin gathered the couples to dance for the Championship title. After an extremely tight final Kirill Kurbatov - Alexandra Revel-Muroz (RUS) were awarded the World Championship trophy. The couple won three dances of the final, ranked second in Samba and the third in Rumba. The runners-up, Vadana Rares Emanuel - Neculae Maria Tea (ROU) won Samba and Rumba, and were marked for the second place in three dances. To determine the winners, the rule 10 of the skating system was required. The bronze medals were awarded to Nikolay Puzyrev - Alexandra Volkova (RUS).

The third title event of the week took place in Moscow (RUS) as the WDSF Associate Member, the World Rock’n’Roll Confederation hosted World Championships in Rock’n’Roll Main Class Free Style and Boogie Woogie. Alexey Kondrashin – Darina Kozlova (RUS) won the World title in Rock’n’Roll. The Germans, Tobias Bludau – Michelle Uhl won the silver medals and the Russians Ivan Kudryashov – Margarita Charkovskaya won the bronze.

In Boogie Woogie the World title headed to Norway, as the reigning European Champions Sondre Olsen Bye – Tatiana Georgiievska secured their second title of the year. The Finnish runners-up Juho Päivinen – Mari Munne were leading after the slow round of the final, but the Norwegians had an amazing fast round and the Finns were awarded the silver medals. Jonathan Haug – Emma Danielsson (SWE) won the bronze. The World title for Boogie Woogie Juniors headed to Germany as Anton Graßl – Magdalena Schmid secured the win. The World title of the Seniors was awarded to Stéphane Martins – Stéphanie Arnaud (FRA).

The World title events continue this week as one of the most anticipated World Championship events, the 2019 WDSF World Championship Standard takes place in Vilnius (LTU). The 2019 World Para DanceSport Championships take place in Bonn (GER), and we will keep you updated of it, too.