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  • Let´s shuffle! 

    Already miss the competition mood? Here it comes! Everyone´s invited!

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  • YOU DID IT! #DontStopDancing spread all over the World!

    We receive more and more! We are alive and active!

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  • message from the world dancesport federation

    Information concerning the AGM in Belgrade has been sent to members.

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  • challenge to all of us: #dontstopdancing !

    #DontStopDancing AT HOME! We are sure that most of you did not!

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  • Changes in competition calendar due to coronavirus

    Due to exceptional circumstances related to the coronavirus outbreak many organisers are forced to postpone the events to a later date (still to be defined).

    10/03/2020 read more ...
  • Wdsf events affected by coronavirus

    Many of the WDSF competitions are affected due to the corona virus epidemic in some geographic areas. Follow the updates!

    06/03/2020 read more ...

WDSF Presidium releases a notification regarding the Corona virus situation 29/02/2020

Wash hands

The Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) is a very serious disease that continues to spread.  

At its recent Meeting the WDSF Presidium discussed this epidemic and voted unanimously to express its concern and sympathy for the victims of this disease, which has struck hardest in our most populous Member country, the People’s Republic of China.
Health experts and governments are currently working to implement measures to contain the spread of the virus.  Each DanceSport athlete, official, family member and traveller must take personal responsibility to protect themselves personally and also to help stop the spread of the Corona virus, by taking reasonable precautions, including (but not limited to):

  • referring to  local government and health authority travel and safety advice
  • following World Health Organization (“WHO”) advice to wash your hands frequently, practice respiratory hygiene, and maintain social distance from anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness;

Most experts agree that the Corona virus will continue to spread for some time and that its behaviour is somewhat unpredictable.  The WDSF Presidium continues to carefully monitor the global status of this disease in the best interests of DanceSport and, as usual, will update the WDSF community on the WDSF website on any changes to our competition/event calendar.  
Athletes, officials and others who intend to travel should take precautions such as checking with governments, health authorities and organizers as well as regularly checking about coverage by their own travel/medical insurance companies.