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  • WDSF Presidium oks Open European Championships

    Measure encompasses Senior I and II and U21 categories.

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  • 2020 Marks Productive Year for Russian Federation

    "We didn't stand still during pandemic" - FDSARR President Erastova

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WDSF communiqué on the status of 2020 competitions 19/08/2020


After giving serious consideration to the recommendations of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Medical Commission, the WDSF Presidium today ratified a number of important decisions with regard to the restart of competitions in 2020.

Due to travel restrictions and other impediments related to the coronavirus pandemic, the Presidium agreed to cancel all WDSF Grand Slams for the remainder of 2020.

With regard to the scheduled 2020 World and European Championships, the WDSF believes that due to fairness considerations they should only be conducted if most athletes are able to compete in the respective Championships. The WDSF is in close contact with organizers who wish to proceed with these events and is monitoring the circumstances on a weekly basis.

With regard to other WDSF competitions, including senior competitions, National Member Bodies (NMBs) and organizers that wish to host such events in 2020 are free to do so as long as the organizers, members and athletes accept full legal, financial and health responsibility for the conduct of the event and their participation in the event.

All participants must adhere to strict guidelines guaranteeing, to the greatest extent possible, their safety and well-being, which remains the utmost priority of the WDSF.  Click here to read the WDSF Temporary Instructions for the Organization of WDSF Competitions. Please note that all NMBs and competition organizers must strictly comply with their respective local and national government health requirements, which always take precedence over WDSF guidelines.

The Presidium understands and supports the desire of the DanceSport community to resume competing as soon as possible but once again underscores the necessity of each participant to take every precaution to ensure the safety of all concerned.

A decision was also taken on the 2020 European Championship Ten Dance in Aarhus, Denmark scheduled for 19 September 2020. The Presidium agreed that the NMB of Denmark can proceed with the event as long as a minimum of 18 countries are represented and the organizers take full responsibility for the health and welfare of all participants. The WDSF will not recognize the event as a European Championship should representatives of fewer than 18 member bodies participate at the event.

Finally, the WDSF Ranking Lists have been frozen until such time as the majority of WDSF competitions are operational again. The WDSF will ensure that the announcement of the resumption of the Ranking List will allow all dancers adequate time for preparation.

The WDSF Presidium