List of Officials

Please contact the WDSF Office for any questions about the status of adjudicators and chairpersons.

Member #NameSurnameCountryStatusTypeGKT
10068089ChristianBradburyHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"n/a
10067084Kin PiuChanHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"2014
10000952Tin Hung RainbowHoHong KongActive
Adjudicator "A"
Adjudicator (PD)
10080418Yu ChoiLaiHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"2014
10080417AngelaLauHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"n/a
10067712Kam Yau AngelLawHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"n/a
10067089Siu FanMakHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"2014
10067713Chi Keung SimonMok Hong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"2014
10067714Yuet Hing DianaYauHong KongActiveAdjudicator "A"n/a