Registered Testing Pool

The aim of testing is to detect and deter doping among athletes to protect clean athletes.

Any athlete under the testing jurisdiction of the WDSF may be tested at any time, with no advance notice, in- or out-of-competition, and be required to provide a urine or blood sample.

No-advance notice out-of-competition testing is one of the most powerful means of deterrence and detection of doping. To support this type of testing, the WDSF has created testing pools as part of its testing program.

The WDSF Registered Testing Pool (RTP) is the group of top level athletes who are subject to both in-competition and out-of-competition testing as part of WDSF Test Distribution Plan.

RTP athletes are required to:

  • Submit a complete and accurate quarterly Whereabouts Filing
  • Update their Whereabouts Filing information
  • Apply for a Pre-Test Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for all Prohibited Methods and Substances in line with the WDSF TUE Policy

RTP Athletes must avoid committing a Whereabouts Failure

A Whereabouts Failure is either a Filing Failure or a Missed Test:

  • Filing Failure – If an athlete fails to return his/her quarterly Whereabouts Filing by the stated deadlines, fully and accurately completed, this may result in a Filing Failure.
  • Missed Test – If an athlete fails to be available for Testing at the location and time specified in the 60-minute time slot identified in his or her Whereabouts Filing for the day in question it may result in a Missed Test.

A Whereabouts Failure may lead to an Anti-Doping Rule Violation and Sanction.

At-a-Glance: Athlete Whereabouts leaflet

Should athletes have any query on ADAMS, such as how to submit whereabouts, please contact the .


An athlete who retires must promptly inform the WDSF Anti-Doping Commission (WDSF ADC) in writing through post or e-mail. If an athlete retires, he/she is immediately removed from the Registered Testing Pool (RTP). WDSF ADC will confirm the receipt of the retirement by letter and that the athlete is no longer in the RTP.

Return from Retirement

In accordance with the WDSF Anti-Doping Code, an Athlete who was previously included in the Registered Testing Pool and is returning from retirement may not resume competing unless he or she notifies WDSF ADC at least six (6) months before he or she expects to return to Competition and during that notice period making themselves available for Out-of-Competition Testing as required by WDSF.

All athletes listed below have been included in WDSF Registered Testing Pool and therefore must make quarterly Whereabouts Filings.

General Division - Lat

Timur Imametdinov
Armen Tsaturyan
Marius-Andrei Balan

Nina Bezzubova
Svetlana Gudyno
Khrystyna Moshenska


General Division – Std

Evgeny Moshenin
Evaldas Sodeika
Francesco Galuppo

Dana Spitsyna
Ieva Zukauskaite
Debora Pacini


Professional Division - Lat

Gabriele Goffredo

Anna Matus


Professional Division - Std

Dmitry Zharkov

Olga Kulikova


Breaking - B-Boys


(Lussy Sky)


Breaking - B-Girls

Grace CHOI
Sanja Jilwan RASUL



Please note that, at the discretion of WDSF, athletes can be added or removed from the RTP at any time. Should an athlete’s status change, they will be notified prior to the start of the next whereabouts submission deadline.