Grand Slam Bidding

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) reopens bidding for one of the regular legs of the GrandSlam Series 2015 – 2017.

After WDSF has resolved to discontinue the staging of the GrandSlam leg in Tallinn, EST, it looks for a new host to commit to organise it for the remainder of the five-year cycle, i.e. from 2015 through 2017, minimum. The National Member Bodies – and through them suitable event organisers – are encouraged to submit a formal bid for the                            

  • GrandSlam Latin
  • GrandSlam Standard

The two competitions are to be staged annually on two consecutive days and on dates that would ensure a relatively even spread of the five regular GrandSlam legs during a period from mid January to the end of October.

GrandSlam Series 2015


11 - 12 April

Week 15

Hong Kong

20 - 21 June

Week 25


14 - 15 August

Week 34


24 - 25 October

Week 43


The GrandSlam Finals are held in Shanghai on 12 – 13 December (week 50).

The same or very similar weeks are assigned to each host through 2017.

Aside from finding suitable dates, prospective bidders should carefully evaluate beforehand that they are able to meet the unique challenges that the organisation of a GrandSlam event will impose.

WDSF has succeeded in establishing the GrandSlam Series as coherent pinnacle competitions awarding the world’s best couples with the highest prize money and with the most World Ranking points. For it to perpetuate the ambitious concept, it depends on partners who share its commitment to excellence and who are willing to work hard on improving the GrandSlam formula further.

Thus WDSF looks for a seasoned host and organiser with whom to team up for a period of no less than three years. All obligations are clearly outlined in the bidding documentation that can be downloaded under the links below.

The list of requirements is far more comprehensive than for other open competitions. Nevertheless, an inspired GrandSlam organiser working jointly with WDSF from the earliest planning stages through the delivery of the event stands to derive great benefit too.

Throughout the bidding process, WDSF provide all applicants with advice and hands-on support in areas such as communications, broadcasting and marketing.

Deadline for submission of the bid with the Application Form duly filled in is 15 October 2014. Only bids submitted by a National Member Body will be considered.

Documentation on Bidding 2015 - 2017

 WDSF Grand Slam 2015 - 2017 Bidding Documentation