Grand Slam Bidding

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) reopens the bidding for one (1) leg of the GrandSlam Series 2014 through 2017. The National Member Bodies – and through them suitable event organisers in their countries – are encouraged to submit their bids for the:

  • GrandSlam Latin
  • GrandSlam Standard

Competitions to be staged annually on two consecutive days preferably during the months March or April of the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

However, the prospective bidders are well advised to carefully evaluate beforehand whether they are able to meet the unique demands that the organisation and the hosting of a GrandSlam competition will imply.

WDSF has gone to great length in developing the 12 GrandSlam Series competitions as the absolute pinnacle among the hundreds of other open competitions it grants every year to organisers around the world. While GrandSlam events have long been standouts in terms of participation and quality of dancing, the most recent changes to their format have only elevated their status further.

From 2013, the GrandSlam Series also serves as an important promotional platform for DanceSport and for WDSF – with all 12 competitions televised through an international broadcast partner, and with the first commercial partners starting to support them financially.

WDSF looks for a seasoned host and organiser with whom to team up for a period of no less than four years and to put on one of the five regular GrandSlam legs. All aspects of the organisers’ obligations are clearly outlined in the bidding documentation as well as in guidelines and manuals below.

Additionally, and throughout the bidding process, WDSF will provide the applicants with advice on matters such as broadcasting and marketing.

The list of requirements that are imposed on an organiser is far more comprehensive than for other open competitions. Nevertheless, an inspired GrandSlam organiser working jointly with WDSF from the earliest planning stages through the delivery of the event stands to derive great benefits.

Deadline for submission of the bids with the Application Form duly filled in is Friday 25 October 2013. Only bids submitted by a National Member Body will be considered.

Documentation on Bidding 2014 - 2017

WDSF GrandSlam Organizer Contract 2014-2017
WDSF GrandSlam Bidding Application Form 2014-2017


WDSF GrandSlam Organizer Guidelines