"Res Europea"

The European Commission was constituted in 2006. It was mandated to assist the Presidium in the continued development of DanceSport across Europe and to improve communications regarding DanceSport among European nations.

Europe - the craddle of DanceSport at the beginning of the 20th century - had changed significantly with the strengthening of the European Union structures. The mission of the WDSF European Commission is to further the dialogue between WDSF and governmental as well as non-governmental organisations, national and European, and to promote DanceSport on the continent.

Working collaboratively with the WDSF Membership Commission, the European Commission assists National Member Bodies in promoting, developing and administering DanceSport in their countries as well as in the continental framework.

Antero Koponen

Antero Koponen, FIN

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  • Franz Allert, GER
  • Flemming Riis, DEN
  • Eva Bartunkova, CZE
  • Sergio Rotaris, ITA