Vision 2012

At the core of VISION 2012 is the holistic view on DanceSport, an interpretation of DanceSport as the single and encompassing brand uniting all forms of dance practised as sport.

Salsa   Dance

Even though International DanceSport Federation had kept its focus exclusively on Latin and Standard for five decades, it had admitted organisations governing other disciplines of dance - such as Rock 'n' Roll, Salsa, Line, etc. - as Associate Members in recent years. It thus acknowledged that all these styles fall under the genus name DanceSport too. From this change in perception derived the plan for IDSF to evolve into the World DanceSport Federation and to do away with all fragmentation in the sport's community.

As per VISION 2012, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) aims to

  • Establish WDSF as the cohesive force between all stakeholders in the sporting activities which involve dance. 
  • Improve DanceSport through synergies resulting from the combined knowledge base and expertise of the stakeholders in WDSF. 
  • Promote the sport on the strengths of a greater constituency, of the broadest demographic appeal, and of benefits arising from economy of scale.
  • Make DanceSport even more global, more ageless, more accessible, and more relevant!

Clear definitions and a consistent nomenclature are required for the governance of a new and broader DanceSport. WDSF mission statement and statutory objectives must be adapted to these definitions. The WDSF Statutes must allow for each Associate Member to adhere to its proven best practice standards while uniting in the pursuit of common goals. And last but not least, the democratic and federalist governance structure of WDSF must be the enduring foundation to unity in DanceSport.