WDSG 2013 Formation Standard In Kaohsiung, WDSF, its Associate Members and the Collaborating Organisations were able to present the full breadth of DanceSport through the WDSG 2013 Competition Programme, through galas, and through events for the general public to participate in.

For the inaugural edition of the WDSF World DanceSport Games in 2013, the Competition Programme was established between the hosts – the Kaohsiung City Government – and the sanctioning body WDSF. 

14 different disciplines were contested over the five days. Among them the Kaohsiung "indigenuous" Taike Dance, an amalgam of ancient temple dance and contemporary techno dance. 

WDSG 2013 Workshop
  • Boogie-Woogie
  • Cheerleading
  • Formation
  • HipHop
  • Latin
  • Line Dance
  • Rock 'n' Roll
  • Salsa
  • Standard
  • Taike Dance
  • Wheelchair

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