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From Seoul To Salou

10,000 km flight distance!


Some of the couples who will be in Salou this weekend passed the last one in Seoul, KOR. It was billed as the ultimate match in DanceSport - more precisely, the "Hyundai Card Super Match 12" - and it pitched (something almost unheard of until now) "regular" couples against professionals. The DanceSport invitational held at the handball arena of Seoul's Olympic Park saw an extravaganza that (some say) set new standards in terms of spectacle and involved only very few couples: 10! Here are the results ...

Hyundai Card Super Match 12 | DanceSport | Standard

1. Domenico Soale and Gioia Cerasoli ITA – PD
2. Federico Di Toro and Anastasia Tarlykova RUS – PD  
3. Beneditto Ferruggia and Claudia Kohler GER
4. Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova  RUS
5. Evgenny Moshenin and Genny Favero  ITA

Hyundai Card Super Match 12 | DanceSport | Latin

1. Alexey Silde and Anna Firstova  RUS PD
2. Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich CRO
3. Aniello Langella and Khrystyna Moshenska ITA
4. Vladimir Karpov and Mariya Tzaptashvilli RUS
5. Evegeny Imrekov and Liza Novak  RUS PD

Super Match 12: Participants A more extensive report by WDSF General Secretary Shawn Tay is soon to follow on this website. For the time being, try to identify the six (6) couples who will have made the journey from Seoul to Salou (what a ring that has to it) ... We even have a photograph of all the participants ... And another promotional video featuring the team ITALY LATIN (in Seoul as well as in Salou)!


FYGoXqtV1sw|[현대카드 슈퍼매치 12 댄스스포츠]