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Thanks To Sergejus!

2011 WDSF World Latin Formation © Vytautas Kielaitis Remember yesterday, Sergejus Makarovas, the RLS Adminstrator for Lithuania, writing to us about including information on the World Latin Formation on this blog? He forwarded results and some excellent photographs, but he wrote ...

Nobody gives me videos :(

The resourceful man he is, he recorded his own. Since many people here in Salou were rather surprised when they saw the Vilnius results - "What, only fourth?", some of them said in uttter disbelief - we post Sergejus' videos to document how the top two teams and the fourth performed last night.

We also hope that the Lithuanian DanceSport Federation will be able to forward the broadcast (that was obviously produced) to us. That way we will upload more extensive coverage on the World Latin Formation.

jdxF1v0UsgY|Vera | RUS
HVgF4ZR0mXs|Žuvėdra | LTU
3g_spudXMNU|Gruen-Gold-Club | GER