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BD Dance

BD Dance BD Dance is the official sponsor of the 2011 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin in Singapore. With 500 employees, the company from Yuhan City, CHN, is the world's largest dance shoe and dance wear manufacturer. Under its national brand "Wuhan Betty Cha-Cha Dance", its share of the domestic market exceeds 60%.

BD Dance, which is also the international brand of the company, promotes its products through their Ambassadors, champions and top athletes excelling in DanceSport. In Singapore, the company will offer a sponsorship of 5000 € to the 2011 WDSF World Champions Latin, provided they choose to become BD Dance Ambassador under agreed conditions.

The 24 couples reaching the quarterfinals will each be given a pair of BD Dance shoes, and all participants receive a dance accessory bag and a 2011 World Latin towel.