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The "Live from Singapore" blog serves WDSF Communications as the pilot project to improve the accessibility of its championship coverage. Less clicks for visitors to get to the information! While this blog is active, from today until Monday 12 September, it is placed prominently on the homepage. All the standard features of the website continue to be available during this time through the top and bottom menus as well as the calendar inserts on the right.

Following up a question raised on the WDSF facebook,  ...

Pedro Antunes

Hello, can you tell me please if the World Latin Championship next week will be transmitted live on your YouTube channel? Thank You!
17 hours ago

WDSF Communications wishes to empasise here too that the ...

Extensive coverage on the upcoming World Latin in Singapore will be of the "nearly real-time" kind, with videos, photos, results and comments being posted on as fast as the upstream capacity (2Mbps) of the optical fibre line at the Conrad allows. The videos will also be available on the WDSF YouTube channelDanceSport Total.