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Men At Work

Marco Sietas, WDSF Sports Director Sports Director Marco Sietas, who will be the chairman tomorrow, hand-delivers the new WDSF flag to Asia. The recent change of the federation's name called for new flags to be produced in Spain. All National Member Bodies should eventually get theirs ... Just as as soon as Marco comes to your country, he will bring a full set along with him. Saves shipping!

Even WDSF President Carlos Freitag (below) is in the flag delivery business these days. He distrubuted some 40 sets during the recent German Open in Stuttgart.

Shawn Tay (below), WDSF Secertary General and World Latin chief organiser, is the man who lets the work to be done by others ... In this case by the friendly volunteers staffing the registration desk.



WDSF President Carlos Freitag WDSF Secretary General Shawn Tay