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Thanks For The Kudos

2011 WDSF World Latin Round 1 © Roland That this blog would be particularly successful in terms of number of visitors, pages called up, etc. was somehow expected by WDSF Communications. Due to the fact that the race for the  Latin title appeared more open than ever, we all believed that the statistics would be exceptionally good. That they went right off the scale established since the launch of on 11 February 2011, that came as a suprise. As did the many favourable comments on the "Live from Singapore" coverage we have received over the past 48 hours. 

This is what some of the other event reporters had to say about the "Live from Singapore" blog and our videos.

We want to thank World DanceSport Federation for providing the high quality videos and the unprecedented up-to-the-minute reporting on this event. The World DanceSport Federation creates some of the best videos in the world and is tied with Paradigm DVD, which are considered the best in the world. The WDSF IT technology support team are the best in the business and are always coming up with new ideas that help keep us (DanceSport fans) connected and up to date with DanceSport events.

DANCE SPORT SHOW wants to thank the team for their effort to bring us information almost live, and beautiful videos from the hottest DanceSport championship of the year.

A MUST TO SEE: The 2011 WDSF World Latin videos produced by WDSF ...

Thanks guys! And Piet: a link back to us would be appreciated too, thanks!

Another MUST SEE: the INDIA TIMES runs a nice photo report on the 2011 World Latin on its website ... Photographs taken by a getty images stringer show DanceSport competition in a special way. MUST SEE for sure!