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Whose Night Will It Be?

The blog on last year's World Latin was wrapped with a final post on the old and new Champions, on Alexey Silde and Anna Firstova, RUS. The video of their solo Paso Doble in New York concluded with "It was their night! Again!" and cautiously hinted at a sequel in 2011. Working title: "Again and again!" But as it turned out, it was their last appearance in a regular World Championship.

With the "Who's to follow?" question arising ahead of the World Latin in Singapore, this is as good a time as any to take another look at the Paso Doble by Alexey and Anna.

ajnvVmcY7BI|2010 World Latin Champions - Silde and Firstova


Live from NYC! More of the dances that Alexey and Anna performed in New York can still be viewed on the 2010 World Latin blog. And chances are that you'll be able to watch their successors dancing in one of the other videos too.

Through the 2010 World Latin blog you can also access the posts for 2009 Maribor. Or you may want to have a look at the 2011 European Latin blog? One thing is certain: somewhere the couple whose night it will be on 10 September in Singapore is already dancing!