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Latin Too

The Latin pictures went up as well. Check the Gallery!

2011 WDSF World Ten Dance © Roland

And for those wanting to figure out who will be the top contenders for this year's title in the DanceSport Decathlon we recommend they look at the "Live from Vienna, AUT" blog on the 2010 edition.

Defending champions Bjoern Bitsch and Ashli Williamson, DEN, are here in Shanghai. But so are last year's runners-up, Timur Imametdinov and Ekaterina Nikolaeva, RUS, who have beaten Bjoern and Ashli in April, during the European in Moscow.


TuMSF2dPbLo|Timur Imametdinov - Ekaterina Nikolaeva, RUS
cBPgucWwvxs|Bjoern Bitsch and Ashli Williamson, DEN