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If The Sky Doesn't Fall!

Live from Ostrava!!! We have checked the starting lists once more earlier today: there are no detectable changes since Thursday last week. The number of entries still stands at 73 couples representing 42 WDSF Member Bodies. That is down slightly from 2010 in Linz, AUT, when 79 couples and more nations entered the competition. And then, as you probably remember, it was very difficult for some participants to get a flight past the billowing smoke and ashes of a volcano named Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. There were calls of distress made back then:

"... I am the Australian youth representative to the World Championship to be held this Saturday. I am enquiring as to the volcano disaster, and if the event will still be run. We are finding it almost impossible to reach Linz by the weekend, but if by some chance we are able to make it, we would like to ensure that the event is still on ..."

Jack Johnson

In the end, they all made it to Linz! The couples from downunder and those from Iceland. Let's hope it is not another fallout (of whatever kind) that keeps one of these two nations away from this year's World Youth Latin. Actually, there are still three more days to go, they could still make it to the floor on 1 October.

Eyjafjallajokull In terms of our World Youth Latin coverage, that is starting to take shape. We will report from the CEZ Arena in Ostrava, CZE, on 1 October from 15:00 CEST (UCT + 2 hours). "The high-speed Internet connection will be ready," wrote Frantisek Davidek to Heidi Goetz of WDSF Communications. And if Eyjafjallajokull does not erupt again, the team should be set to bring you all the action on the World Youth Latin (Saturday) and on the Grand Slam Latin (Sunday) live ... or in "nearly real time".